9 Ways to Kill Your Sugar Cravings

How to Cut Your Sugar Cravings

Are you a certified sugar addict and don’t quite know how to kick the habit?

According to recent research from France, it has been suggested that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. As you enjoy your favorite candy bar, cookies, or even a mocha from Starbucks, your brain automatically releases dopamine and opiates into your system. This feels so amazing that you continually crave more.

Wildly enough, the average American consumers 130 pounds of sugar per year. If saying no to sugar were that easy, we’d all be eating less. A Princeton study revealed that rats even suffer from with drawls when they are taken off a high-sugar diet.

To help you stop sugar cravings in their tracks, the above slideshow features advice from nutritionist and author Linda Prout. You can also read the article she published on Knoworthy.com.