‘Human Flesh’ Burger Will Let You Indulge Your Darkest Curiosity

What does human meat taste like? You might be able to discover the answer to that question soon, as two chefs have collaborated to develop a burger that has the texture and taste of human flesh.

The chefs were inspired to take on the project by the upcoming fifth season premiere of The Walking Dead, the popular zombie show. The daring culinary explorers are Miss Cakehead, a baker, and Jim Thomlinson of the London Mess.

The two took information and interviews from different cannibals, and created a recipe that blends different meats to mimic the described experiences of consuming human.

Don’t worry; the final recipe doesn’t have any actual people in it. Instead they created a concoction of pork, veal, chicken liver, and bone marrow—apparently it is a very close replication of the texture consistency and taste of the real deal.

“My food is usually inspired by flavor combinations and fresh produce, so it was a little odd to be inspired by the world of cannibals instead,” Thomlinson told the Daily Star.

If you’re itching to give it a try—maybe for the Halloween parties that are just around the corner—the recipe and cooking instructions are posted to the London Mess Facebook page.

Check out the infographic of cannibal interviews that guided these chefs in the right direction for the project.

cannibalism infograph