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Video Footage Captures “Fallen Angel” Descending to Earth

Photo: YouTube

A mysterious video on YouTube seems to show a dark humanoid figure over Burbank, California.

As the video begins, a dark shape drifts behind a tree in the middle of the frame, but quickly emerges on the other side. The shape has a strangely anthropomorphic form, resembling a man standing upright in the sky.

As the video progresses, the figure makes a slow, deliberate movement toward the earth below. It seems to almost walk on air, slowly making its way toward the ground almost as if it were descending a set of invisable stairs.

A man’s voice on the video can be clearly heard asking, “Is that Jesus Christ,” before stating that it is a man in Spanish.

While it is not entirely clear what the video has captured making its way to earth, another voice on the video offers an alternate take.

Near the end of the short video, another voice asks, “You don’t think that’s balloons?”

Could the Object Be Balloons?

According to The Hidden Underbelly 2.0, who posted the video on Youtube, the video was shot by Pablo Morales. Morales told the Hidden Underbelly 2.0 that when he went to investigate the location where he believes the figure would have touched down, he found no sign of the object.

“I went, but found no balloons or trash or anything that could have been that big,” Morales told The Hidden Underbelly 2.0

The video has sent supernatural enthusiasts across the internet into a wild spin, desperate to offer any explanation they can for the strange flight captured in the video. Some are speculating that it could indeed be an angel or an alien, or even something far more sinister. The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 went as far as to offer their own opinion that “…this could be a Fallen Angel…”

Whether the shape seen in the video is indeed something mundane like a deflated weather balloon or something far stranger like, as one poster in the comment section posits, “…an evil mummy descending into a house to vampirize humans to rebuild it’s body parts…” it is hard to say But one thing is definitely clear, the images in the video are undeniably unnerving.

Was a Similar Huminoid Spotted in Zambia?

A similar figure was believed to have been spied in skies over Zambia in 2017. At the time many people who saw this image compared the general shape of the figure to that of a Dementor. Dementors are villainous, grim-reaper-like creatures from the Harry Potter series. In this case, the figure was eventually debunked as a doctored photo of a ghost-shaped kite.

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