Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Remaining Tributes Casted

Well here it is – The last bit of casting news for the next Hunger Games movie was announced yesterday. Lionsgate clumped together the casting news of the last 11 tributes for the already-in-production film.

For several weeks the company slowly and methodically revealed the actors and we reported along, and now we have what will most likely be the last bit of Hunger Games: Catching Fire news until production is finished and promotions begin.

The newly announced cast members round out the list of tributes participating in the Quarter Quell. Here is the list:
James Logan – District 5 Tribute Boy
Ivette Li-Sanchez -District 5 Tribute Girl
Justin Hix – District 6 Tribute Bo
Megan Hayes – District 6 Tribute Gir
Bobby Jordan – Blight
John Casino – Woo
Elena Sanchez – Ceceli
Daniel Bernhardt – District 9 Tribute Boy
Marian Greene – District 9 Tribute Gir
Jackson Spidell – District 10 Tribute Boy
Tiffany Waxler – District 10 Tribute Girl

The sequel is in production in Georgia and is due out in theatres next Thanksgiving.