Photos of Hunky Firefighters with Adorable Cats Will Melt Your Heart

Cats are adorable; that’s a universal truth that no one can deny. Firefighters are hot; that’s another universal truth no one can deny. (They’re also heroes in our eyes — but we think that goes without saying. Right now we’re focused on the more base truths.)

What happens when you put the two together? An explosive melt-your-heart cuteness overload that can’t be matched by anything else, that’s what.

And because we were in the mood to look at something cute and adorable, we just spent the last two hours scrolling and clicking through a ton of feline images. We mean a ton; cats playing with babies, cats chasing other animals,  cats doing funny things, cats doing mean things, cats just being cats. And as we got sucked deeper and deeper into the cats-internet-vortex,  we came across a few images of hunky firemen rescuing, cradling and nursing cats back to health.

That’s when we hit the breaks. We knew we were done for the day because the aww-factor was just too much to take. We’re talking about firemen with cats here, people. That’s the epitome of cuteness overload.

Don’t believe us? Check out the slideshow above of our top 10 picks for yourself and just try not to be moved.