Hurricane Sandy Shuts Down The City That Never Sleeps

As what is being described as one of the largest storms to ever hit the United States continues to threaten nearly 50 million people, we send our thoughts and well wishes to all those affected. Forecasters are predicting Hurricane Sandy will deliver massive storm surges of up to 11 feet in New York City and evacuations are under way ahead of Tuesday’s expected landfall.

In preparation for the dangerous storm, businesses have temporarily closed down, transit systems resemble eerie ghost towns and Times Square is as abandoned as we’ve ever seen it. With that, here is a unique look into a New York City you rarely get to see.

Times Square is typically filled with life and people, but with the storm taking over, residents are seeking refuge either indoors or heading out of the city to seek safer ground.

Grand Central Station is another place that is usually abuzz with people and activity, but in this picture we can see what the place looks like when abandoned.

This picture from Andrew Kelly of Reuters shows a flooded Battery Park early this morning, with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

Businesses at the 2 Broadway building in Lower Manhattan cover up their revolving doors with plywood to prepare for the massive storm.

Grocery stores such as this one are stripped empty as shoppers stock up on the essentials they will need to wait out the storm.

A resident leaves lower Manhattan on Sunday Night alongside her dog.

Not everyone is rushing straight out of the city. In this image we see a tourist posing on sandbags, with the Statue of Liberty behind him.

We hope all our readers and others on the east coast stay safe, dry and warm.