Husband Dumps Manure in Cheating Wife’s Car: Hoax or Fact?

This might be one way to get revenge on a lying, cheating spouse: dump horse poop into the person’s car.

At least that’s what one man allegedly did when he found out his wife of five years had an active profile on a dating site, in which she admits to being married and looking for someone who isn’t like her “crazy” husband.

Instead of confronting his wife right away, he decided to deal with the situation by grabbing his tractor, gathering a bunch of manure from his farm and loading the wife’s beloved convertible with the foul-smelling waste. Then he left a sarcastic “Happy Valentine’s Day” note and dumper her. Oh also, he recorded the whole deal and posted it on YouTube for the world to see.

Sounds like a classic revenge case, but is it real?  Since the upload of the video in late January and thousands of views in various copies, people have started to question the credibility of the video and wondering if the whole thing was just a marketing ploy by the dating site, itself. pointed out “What’s odd is that the video is dated January 25, 2013, a good 19 days before Valentine’s Day, as if it’s a marketing campaign for the dating website that is mentioned twice in the video.” It goes on to state a search for the wife’s dating profile turned up empty, although this might be because “the profile may never have been crawled by Google’s index, or have been deleted and fallen out of the index by now, although that’s awfully quick.”

The article also points out that it I seems unlikely for the wife — who wrote “Looking for likeminded man, discretion needed and expected” — to so carelessly leave her email open on their shared computer.

So you’ve seen the video, you’ve heard some of the arguments. Now it’s your turn: Do  you think the video is a hoax or a real case of love gone bad?