Husband Refuses 50 Shades Role Play, Wife Divorces

Talk about a let down.

The erotic best-seller, 50 Shades of Grey, has revitalized many a sex lives of married and long-term couples but for at least one pair the book didn’t provide quite the happy ending they might have hoped for.

According to the Daily Mail, a UK woman cited her husband’s “unreasonable behavior” in refusing to re-enact scenes from E.L James’ steamy novel – about the sadomasochistic affair of billionaire magnate Christian Grey and college student Anastasia Steele – as grounds for a divorce.

This is how it went down: The woman – whose name isn’t given – claimed her husband often forgets Valentine’s Day and doesn’t compliment her appearance. After getting the book last year, she bought sexy lingerie in an attempt to spice things up, but the husband failed to respond. What’s more, when the husband found out where the requests were stemming from “He went ballistic […] and told her, ‘It’s all because you have been reading that bloody book’” according to the woman’s lawyer.

That’s when things came to a head. The wife said she had enough of his “boring attitude” and took things to the High Court. The husband agreed to the “unreasonable behavior” charge to speed along the divorce proceedings.

So we have to ask: Where do you stand on all this? Was the woman right in saying enough is enough, or do you think it’s near impossible to have a sex drive like Christian Grey’s? Should the man have gone along with the request to make his wife happy or would it just delay the inevitable? Sound off in the comment section below!

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