Husband Sentenced to Life in Prison After Murdering Wife and Dressing in Her Clothes

According to The Guardian, Ahmed Al-Khatib, 34, was sentenced to life in prison for killing his wife and then dressing in her clothing to convince everyone she was still alive.

Al-Khatib initially claimed he killed Rania Alayed because she appeared to him as an evil apparition, but he actually murdered her for becoming “too Westernized” and breaking free from years of domestic and sexual abuse.

Rania-ahmedAt the time of her disappearance in June last year, she was beginning to live a happy, independent life away from her husband, says prosecutor Tony Cross.

But that didn’t stop her sadistic husband from convincing her to meet at his brother’s flat in Salford, Greater Manchester.

By Al-Khatib’s own admission, he played with his three children immediately after the killing, before driving her body to the North Yorkshire area.

Footage captured on CCTV shows the moment he left the flat. In an effort to pass himself off as his wife, he dressed in her hijab, jeans and shoes, while carrying her dead body in a suitcase.

In court, Al-Khatib showed no remorse as he described how “easy” it was to shove his wife’s corpse into the suitcase.

Despite countless searches, police have yet to find the woman’s body.