Husband Watches as Wife Is Killed by Tornado During FaceTime Chat (VIDEO)

When Ruben Porras began chatting with his wife, Petra, on FaceTime the day after Christmas, he had no idea it would be last time he’d ever see her alive.

While chatting about what they were going to do for dinner when she arrived home, he suddenly heard her screaming. Then, the screen went black.

The 27-year-old mother of four was killed instantly when a tornado picked up her vehicle and crushed it.

Using a locator app on his phone, Ruben was able to locate the spot where his wife’s signal had last come from from. When he arrived on the scene, he was hoping to find her alive. That wasn’t the case.

After holding her hand one last time, he said his heartbreaking goodbyes.

Along with Petra, at least seven other motorists were killed near Garland, Texas, when the tornado took over the highway.