Husband Writes Moving Letter to Wife, Brings Us to Tears

Every day, there are people in this world who do amazing things. They don’t do it for glory or fame — they do it because it’s a part of their soul, because they are heroes. And the irony is that these people are seldom thanked for the good work they do to make this world a better place.

Brett, the man in the photo above, sees one of those people on a daily basis, and he decided to do something about it. That person is his wife.

Brett’s wife (also seen above) is a pediatrician, and the sacrifices she makes for her patients are stunning. Though not a doctor himself, Brett comes from a family of physicians, and he understands that patients rarely think about their doctor’s lives. We seldom consider the stress they’re under when caring for terminally-ill patients or their distraught family members. We don’t think about the pain and frustration they feel when they realize they can’t help all those people they care for.

These women and men may seem invincible to us, but for them the emotional toll is real. So, with that in mind, Brett wrote this.

Dear Doctor,

I was recently asked “What makes a hero” and I started to think about “Heroes” in my life. I am certain that there are many professions where people are heroes but I feel what you do is “Heroic”.

It’s heroic when you spend time with a child who is terminally ill just to dance or play video games with him or her. It’s heroic that your optimism shines through to make terminally ill kids smile and forget about their pain and their future. It’s heroic that you defy your bodily needs for sleep because you are working 24 hours straight (it’s more like 28 hours but who’s counting?). It’s heroic that you go to a patient’s funeral because you sincerely care about your patients and their families. It’s heroic that you are ridiculed by friends, family and strangers but still take pride in your profession. It’s heroic that you come home and shed tears about a patient because you care for their life so much. It’s heroic that you overcame years of medical school and long hours at a hospital internship because you chose to serve and care for the sick.

I am amazed that most people don’t see the heroism when it comes to medical doctors. You should see the way they care for all of their patients.


A Husband & Son of a Doctor