Husky Puppy Plays in Leaves, Makes Us Want to Play Outside

This video was posted in 2012, and it takes place during the fall when temperatures cool and leaves fall from the trees. That all seems like a bit misplaced to be running on a website right now, but when we saw a clip entitled “Husky Puppy Plays in Leaves” with a ton of shares and comments next to it, we knew this was a viral video worth watching.

And we’re so glad we did.

Kent Peterson, who posted the original video on YouTube, wrote in the description, “I had just finished raking leaves, when Butch decided to help.” The results of Butch’s appearance are incredible, and we couldn’t stop laughing and rewatching the footage. Someone at the office commented, “I wish each and every one of us that much unrestrained joy.” And it’s true; it’s also a lesson you can learn from pets, particularly young ones.

Often times we get caught up in life and miss out on the fun and joy we experienced as children. The video of this Husky puppy reminds us to go outside, be silly, have fun, run like crazy, laugh if you want and just enjoy life for a second. If that’s a lesson we can take with us and accomplish this weekend — even for a moment — then posting a video from a few years back won’t seem like bad timing at all. In fact, it will seem like perfect timing.