A ‘Hypocrite Burger’? See Why This Secret Fatburger Item May Satisfy Your Indecisive Desires

Secret menu items have been a fun and daring way to try something unique at many fast food restaurants. What you probably didn’t know is that at Fatburger you can order a Hypocrite Burger.

If you’re wondering what the heck a “Hypocrite Burger” looks and feels like, it’s simply a veggie burger served with bacon.

Take a veggie patty with all the other fixings of a regular burger (cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, etc.) and then throw two strips of fattening bacon on top of the patty.

Why does it exist? What’s the point of mixing together two things that don’t seem to go together? We’re not too sure. But it does create a strange desire in my indecisive stomach and has me Yelping the nearest Fatburger location.

It’s the perfect burger for all foodies to try at least once!

hypocrite burger