Kmart’s New Ad Causing A Huge Stink

Kmart’s new ad has many peeing their pants with  laughter and many who find it a smelly mess.

Titled “Ship My Pants,”  with the word “ship” meaning to sound like the word s**t, it features several Kmart customers saying variations of the phrase “I shipped my pants,” including “I just shipped my drawers” and “I just shipped my nightie.”

The group, One Million Moms (OMM), wrote on its website last Wednesday, that the ad is “disgusting” and “ridiculous” and “should be pulled off the air immediately.” The post further asked people to email Kmart and use social media to pressure the company into pulling its commercial from broadcasts.

According to Huffington Post: OMM was founded by the American Family Association (AFA), an anti-gay rights, anti-abortion group with a history of targeting big companies for allegedly violating conservative Christian principles. The groups have criticized or launched boycotts against Oreo, Urban Outfitters, JCPenney, McDonald’s, Pepsi and Home Depot, among others, for endorsing what the AFA calls a “homosexual agenda.”