Hyundai Admits Lying About Mileage Claims

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a public statement saying Hyundai Motor Corporation (which also owns Kia Motors) overstated the fuel estimates on about 900,000 models sold over the last two years.

The EPA started its investigation after consumer complaints from owners saying they weren’t receiving the mpg claims Hyundai promised. Other car makers also issued complaints, suspicious of Hyundai’s claims.

The blunder is the largest correction of mileage calculations since the EPA began compiling estimates, and Hyundai’s reputation has been hit hard, even though they aren’t fighting the EPA’s findings.

A Hyundai spokesman told The Wall Street Journal, “We’re not going to argue this. We’re going to pay people back for the money they had to spend.”

Reimbursements for car owners will depend on the model they bought, when they bought it, and the miles they’ve driven.

Under the compensation plan (which is rumored to run Hyundai $80 million a year) car buyers can visit a Hyundai or Kia dealership and have their odometer checked. They’ll be given an estimate of savings had the fuel mileage lived up to the original claims.

You can visit The Wall Street Journal to read more about this story.