‘I Quit!’ Why You’ll Leave Your Job in 2013

With job searches typically up a hefty 40% from December to January, the New Year is a time many people start looking for a new job, according to Indeed.com. If you think a bigger paycheck is the top reason for workers to flee their current posts, you’re in for a surprise.

CEB, an executive advisory firm, conducted a quarterly study of 50,000 employees over the second half of 2012 and found out stability is at the top of the list for workers looking for a new job. Brian Kropp, a managing director at CEB, explains the current trend.

“It used to be that people wanted to work somewhere with a crazy big idea […] Now it’s about going to a place that has its act together and can offer both long term potential and stability. That’s far and away what people are looking for the most.”

Although stability wins over compensation, health-benefits and work-life balance, these facets still showed up on the top five list, with respect appearing on the list for the first time this year, according to Kropp.

“It’s not a do your work and keep your head down environment anymore,” he says. “Everyone is looking to be recognized and respected for their individual contribution.”

According to CEB the top five things employees look for when finding a new job are:

1. Stability
2. Compensation
3. Respect
4. Health Benefits
5. Work-Life Balance