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Iceland’s Breathtaking Landscape and Beauty Captured from Above

On a recent trip to Iceland, photographer Sarah Martinet captured these breathtaking landscape images from the open window of a plane.
In her photos, you can witness first-hand the expansive view of untouched majesty, a place that holds some of the most spectacular scenes you will ever see in your lifetime. Seriously, this Nordic country is so beautiful that your mouth will drop open in awe at its glory.
Stormy skies coupled with vast, green terrain, glaciers, frozen tundra, waterfalls, and the aurora borealis? Sounds like paradise to us. There is no other place on Earth like Iceland, especially when it comes to geological phenomena. 
If you wish to see the land of fire and ice for yourself, it’s less than six hours away from the US by plane.
Check out more of Sarah Martinet’s images of Iceland’s breathtaking landscape over on Facebook.

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