Idiot Scooter Driver Angrily Crashes Into Elevator, Pays Ultimate Price

Remember when you were a kid and you’d have a temper tantrum, and then something bad would happen to you? In that moment you probably learned your lesson — or your parents pointedly explained the lesson to you — and God willing you never took that kind of irrational, anger-fueled action again.

Unfortunately, this guy didn’t seem to get that lesson growing up.

A Korean man on a scooter is captured on an office camera trying to get onto an elevator. He’s late for it. Clearly late. So late that the doors had just closed and the elevator car had already started descending when he rolled into frame. Then the unthinkable happens: This man gets so peeved by the situation that he backs up his scooter and crashes into the elevator doors. And he doesn’t do it just once!

What happens next is crazy.

The incident happened in August of 2010 at a shopping center in Daejon, South Korea, but for some reason the security video started making its way around Facebook today and has been on everyone’s feeds, so we are putting it up now. Below is an explanation of what happened afterward, but if you don’t want the spoilers then watch the edited version of the video above first before reading it.

Done? Good. Here’s what happened to Mr. Lee, the man in question, as reported in The Daily Mail.

The 40-year-old Mr Lee plunged to his death. “He is believed to have fallen about 19ft… Police said the accident was caused by Mr Lee’s anger at the woman not holding the door for him. Shopping centre officials have vowed to strengthen the doors of the lifts to ensure the accident is never repeated.”