Idiot of the Week: Suspected Car Thief Spray-Paints Face to Evade Police Capture

In what might be the stupidest attempt to hide from police, a suspected car thief allegedly spray-painted his face in an effort to evade capture, KTLA reported. A mug shot of the suspect shows the man’s face covered in black paint from his head to his neck.

According to a Facebook post from the City of Madera Police Department, 23-year-old Jose Espinoza was caught with a stolen vehicle over the weekend. He tried to run from authorities twice before he was caught.

Police tried to apprehend Espinoza at his house, but he fled the scene. He was finally apprehended when he returned to the residence.

When he was finally caught, his face was covered in spray paint—apparently because he thought it would be an effective camouflage so he could hide from police.

It was not.

From the police departments official Facebook page:

“Last night Jose Espinoza fled from a stolen car. Officers arrested Jose later in the evening after he fled a second time. This time Jose spray painted his face black in an effort to camouflage himself. The camouflage was ineffective. “

A bottle of black spray paint was recovered by authorities, and submitted as evidence.

Espinoza was arrested and booked on charges of receiving stolen property, theft and unlawful driving of a vehicle. His bail was set at $35,000, according to police.