What Would Really Happen If Donald Trump Became President?

Though just one year ago it may have seemed preposterous to suggest that the billionaire businessman and unintentional comedy source may actually become the next president, it is now a very real possibility. So what would actually change if Donald Trump did end up in the White House after the election this November?


With an estimated fortune of between $4 and $10 billion, clearly Trump has done something right when it comes to business. However, he may not be as economically minded as he’d like us to believe; experts have suggested that had he simply invested the inheritance he received from his father he would actually be richer than he is now.

His economic policy for the US has thus far been rather sketchy, and he has admitted that he would rather not be the one to deal with a possible ‘burst bubble’. He said during an interview with Good Morning America in January: “We’re in a bubble. And, frankly, if there’s going to be a bubble popping, I hope they pop before I become president because I don’t want to inherit all this stuff. I’d rather it be the day before rather than the day after, I will tell you that.”

One thing he has been adamant about is introducing “a major tax cut”, which some experts, such as William G. Gale (co-director of the Tax Policy Centre), have referred to as “nonsense”; “It would lose an enormous amount of revenue, cut taxes dramatically for the very richest households,” he said. “It would dramatically increase deficits. I don’t see how even a Republican-controlled legislature would have the guts to pass this.”


Firstly, let’s get to that infamous wall. Trump has said that the proposed wall on the US and Mexico border will be to prevent immigrants illegally entering the country, and he wants Mexico to pay for it. He has even put together a six-point plan on his website to break down how exactly he will “compel” them to do so. However, most experts still agree that though constructing the wall wouldn’t be impossible, it would be a monumental challenge, and as a result is unlikely to actually be realised.

Another of Trump’s plans for immigration is to forcefully send the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants already in the US back to their native countries. This proposal has been met with criticism not only because of the moral implications, but also the huge costs involved — experts have put them at a staggering $400 to $600 billion.

Foreign Policy

Trump’s foreign policy is far from crystal clear, though one thing he has been adamant about is his desire to “get tough” on China in terms of trade, as he believes the country is “screwing us at every turn”. However, if the US did end up in a trade war with China it would likely do more harm than good.

He has also been forthright about his plans to continue bombing in the middle east, though he as stated he believes it is not the US’ job to be the world’s policeman and he is not planning on being aggressive when it comes to foreign relations.

Minority Relations

Trump is hardly a great candidate when it comes to race relations and he has said some rather disturbing things about people of colour in the past; “Isn’t it funny. I’ve got black accountants at Trump Castle and Trump Plaza. Black guys counting my money! I hate it.” He has also announced plans to ban all Muslims from the US until the “country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

As a result, many people have become concerned that if he was to become president he would add fuel to the fire, considering the US and rest of the world is suffering with some pretty fraught relations at the moment.