Teen’s Bar Mitzvah Invitation Video Shows He Really, Really Loves Being Jewish

Deerfield, Illinois teen Brody Criz just made what may be the most creative invitation to a bar mitzvah in all of history.

He put out a video compilation of several hit songs while cleverly inserting references and jokes to his upcoming bar mitzvah and his Jewish heritage. And although he probably expected his friends and family to watch the video, he is now enjoying viral fame after it caught fire online.

From Katy Perry to Lorde to Pharrell and more, he puts on the persona of several pop stars and borrows their music for an entertaining four minutes. Oh, and there’s this one part where he’s naked. That’s kind of disturbing.

It’s part hilarious, part what-the-heck-did-I-just-watch? And all awesome.

Check it out for yourself above.