#ILookLikeAnEngineer – The Campaign that Tells Close-Minded A** Holes to Suck It

It’s a hashtag that has been circulating through the viral world and is causing a very large controversy. It’s a hashtag that is challenging and pushing stereotypes, and it’s a hashtag that is inspiring women to embrace their career goals.

Isisi Anachalee Wenger is the woman who started it all. The 22-year-old from San Francisco worked at a tech company called One Login, and the negative feedback began when she was featured in one of their ad campaigns. According to ABC 7. Wenger was fed up and decided to post a photo of herself to Twitter with the sign reading “I look like an engineer.”


Just one post was all it took to start a viral argument. However, this hashtag is so much more: It is pushing the gender norms and challenging people to realize that there shouldn’t be any type or gender associated with a particular job.

Since her post on August 3rd, the tweet has received hundreds of retweets, not to mention hundreds and hundreds of comments.