PHOTOS: This Jellyfish May Hold the Key to Immortality

The Turritopsis nutricula, also known as Turritopsis dohrnii, is the only creature in the animal kingdom that has been proven to be immortal.

Allegedly, this immortal jellyfish, which originated in the Caribbean, is capable of transforming its cells from a mature state back to a vibrant youthful condition.

After becoming a pelagic medussa and going about a standard cycle of life, they mate and then regress back to their initial state, a cylindrical polyp colony. This particular stage in the jellyfish life cycle is called a sessile stage, meaning the polyp remains stationary and attached to a single location on the sea floor.

This process is, called “transdifferentiation,” pretty much makes the jellyfish incapable of dying. Crazy, right?!

Some scientists have claimed that they will soon be able to solve the mystery surrounding the creature’s abilities and apply it to us humans, while many others believe findings will simply enhance the final stages of our lives.

Would you want to live forever?