Impatient Boxer Honks Horn for 15-Minutes After Owner Takes Too Long

Fern the Boxer

Fern the Boxer doesn’t take time lightly. You will quickly realize this once you see her honk her owner’s car horn for 15-minutes straight.

The reactions of passersby is quite hilarious, as they marvel at the genius of the 18-month-old pup. Her owner is Graham Haddow of Dundee, Scotland.

Haddow told the DailyMail, “I came out of the gallery and looked down the street and saw a crowd of people standing around, pointing at my car.”

“I started running because I was worried something had happened to her. When I got closer I realized people were pointing and laughing and taking pictures. She gave me a sideways glance and just kept on going,” said Haddow.

FernGrab.jpg Fern2.jpg

Fern the boxer 3