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Impossible Surreal Photos Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Martin De Pasquale knows how to mess with photos, but most of all, he knows how to mess with your head.
De Pasquale is a photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina currently working as an art director for an advertising agency, but if you ask us, his talents are wasted there.  He has a knack for turning real-life photographs into surrealist pieces of art pulled straight out of another world where the laws of physics don’t quite exist.
He employs several programs, like Photoshop, Poser, and 3DS Max, to make the impossibly realistic photos you see in the slideshow above. It isn’t as simple as messing with after-effects though, as De Pasquale has to put a ton of thought into setting up the photo-shoots to achieve the desired final product.
After all, without the exact perfect angle and lighting, these photographs couldn’t look quite so realistic. Without that element, the photos couldn’t have the desired effects, which are… we’re honestly not quite sure.
Some of the photos are perplexing, some are dizzying, some are hilarious, some are thought-provoking, some are beautiful, and some are just flat-out weird. In an awesome way, of course.
If you’re interested in seeing more of De Pasquale’s bizarre work, you can check him out on Behance.

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