In Aftermath of Daughter’s Death, Father Relives Painful Fight to Save Her from Heroin Addiction

Scott Meyers lost his 18-year-old daughter to heroin earlier this year. The dad from Spokane, Washington has now chosen to share with the world his struggle to help his daughter overcome her deadly addiction, and the painful and extreme lengths he went to try to save her life.

In fact he feared for her life so much, that he took pictures of her passed out surrounded by syringes in the hope that it would convince police to arrest her.

Rachel Meyers was never arrested though.

Scott recalls thinking “if she gets arrested and put in jail, then I know where she is every night and I know that she’s not doing drugs.” He shared with KXLY News that he wished there was more he could have done to help her get rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, state laws meant that Rachel couldn’t be forced to stay in rehab. Although Scott did take his daughter to a drug rehab center, Rachel chose to leave without receiving treatment. He says that had she been forced to stay through legal intervention—such as a court order—he believes she might still be alive today.

But shortly after she turned down treatment, Rachel overdosed and died at her grandparent’s house.

“I went to give her a kiss on her forehead and her eyes were open and that’s something that will never ever leave me,” said Scott. “To look into the lifeless eyes of your own daughter.”

Now he is sharing his heartbreakingly tragic story in the hopes of changing state legislature—which currently makes teens in charge of their own medical care at the age of 13.