Incredible Before and After Dog Rescue Photos

Sadly hundreds of dogs are left neglected by careless and cruel owners. Their owners have either abused them or abandoned them and the dogs are left to survive on the streets. When this happens these courageous canines are out to fend for themselves, finding their own food and water. Often times this takes a horrific toll on the dog’s health, and many end up dead or close to death.

It is heartbreaking to see photos of the animals that were left behind. Their fur is mangled and covering their eyes, they’re so emaciated you can see their bones, and often times they are suffering from open sores and other injuries.

If a dog is man’s best friend, why do they do this to them? Every once in a while someone gets brave enough to approach the frightened dogs who barely look like dogs at all anymore, and give them a chance at a better life.

These rescued dogs are an inspirational example of survival and hope.

These incredible before and after rescue photos will completely shock you and restore your faith in humanity – and what a good haircut can do.