TeenSafe: An Incredible New Way to Protect Your Teen

Keeping your children safe and well protected is arguably one of the biggest challenges a parent faces. With all the worries that come with raising kids in a digital age, having a way to monitor their activity to keep them out of harm’s way can be a big help.

That’s where TeenSafe comes in. This monitoring tool allows you to see the texts your child sends and receives, as well as her online interactions, call history, photos and more. All you have to do is install it on her phone and rest assured that you’ll be aware of most any issue that you may need to address. Be it bullying, sexting, potential drug use, or more, this app can be a vital line of defense against any activities you don’t want your child involved in.

[Editor’s Note: TeenSafe is an advertiser on First to Know.]

The creator of TeenSafe, Ameeta Jain, recently appeared on the Bill Good Show to speak about the service. Listen to the spot below to find out more.