Indian Cat Wins Against Scary Croc, Commentary Translation Provided

Now this is one kitty the term “scaredy cat” does NOT apply to.

Onlookers at a zoo in Jaipur, India recorded the face-off between a cat and crocodile, when the feline somehow found itself in the crocodile enclosure and right at the edge of the croc’s turf.

Shocked and understandably terrified for the cat, new Delhi residents Vishal Chaudhary and Manu Chaudhary recorded the whole thing and were freaking out as the crocodile approached the cat. The visitors thought they were about to witness the last moments of the kitty’s life, but their horror turned to excitement and gleeful surprise when the claws came out. The cat not only stood its ground, but also struck the croc twice on its nose, causing it to retreat and then nonchalantly walked away. We can’t think of a more appropriate time to use the phrase “like a boss!”

While we love the cat’s triumphant moment of glory, we also thoroughly enjoyed the Chaudharys’ unwittingly hilarious commentary. They were speaking mostly in an Indian dialect, so those unfamiliar with the language may not get what they’re saying, but luckily for you, we do and are here to translate.

The first laugh-out-loud moment for us came around the 36-second-mark when one of the onlookers — who was terrified just a moment earlier– said “oooohh mummy, [the cat] smacked it right on its face!”

Then the guy visitor asks his companion what the name of that one show on Discovery Channel is. We’re thinking the incident reminded him of it, and we’re still trying to figure out the show he was referring to since he never actually says the name. His wife responds with an exasperated “I know!” most-likely intended to shut him up. We’re thinking she was more interested in what was going on in front of her than trying to remember the name of some TV show.

The funniest spoken moment is at the end when the woman complains, “We can’t even show anyone this video” right before it cuts off. We don’t know if visitors aren’t allowed to record videos in the zoo or if there is some other privacy reason, but whatever it is the irony is hilarious because the sure-to-become viral video is obviously streaming all over the internet right now.