Man Steals Indie 500 Car, Wrecks it in Most Horrific Accident

Authorities in Indiana are still looking for the suspect who stole an Indy 500 pace car from a dealership Wednesday night. The man broke into the dealership, stole the keys to a replica Indy 500 Chevrolet Camaro pace car and drove through a two-story glass showroom window while the alarms blared.

The white convertible, with the Indianapolis 500 logo, flew over a three-foot staircase and then landed on the ground before the driver took off, leaving a mess of shattered glass and blood in his wake.

The destroyed showroom window could cost up to $75,000 to replace, and the $50,000 car is now ruined. There are cracks in the windshield and a large chunk missing from the bumper.

“He drove through a front window with steel frames, down a three-foot set of stairs with a three-foot drop, and landed,” Bill Estes, the owner of the dealership, said.

Police set up a perimeter Wednesday night to search for the suspect, who was likely on foot, injured and possibly shirtless.

Officers heard reports of a shirtless man knocking on doors in the area asking for shelter, the IMPD police report said.

The car, a replica pace car used by dignitaries during the Indy 500 festivities in May, was one of 100 cars given to various dealerships. It was the only pace car in Estes’s dealership.

“This is the most bizarre thing we have ever had happen at our business,” Estes said. “I guess I feel violated. This is our second home.”