Insane Russian Tampax Commercial You Won’t Believe

When this Russian Tampax commercial first appeared on TV, it got a huge-but-mixed response on the internet. It actually came out in 2013, but started making the rounds again this week — and you’ll need to check it out to understand why it’s causing such a mixed reaction.

Don’t worry, it’s not vulgar, but the implication behind what happens in the commercial is what’s setting people off.

Some think it’s hysterical, others think it’s sick because of that implication behind the ending — which we’re not writing about here because we don’t want to ruin the video if you haven’t seen it yet, and still another group says it’s just lame. Neverthless, it’s also spreading like crazy, with people sharing it all across Facebook, Twitter and the like.

The Russian division of Tampax created this 30-second spot, and while we could describe what happens, it’s short enough that you might as well just watch it. It’s not icky-gross in a TMI sort of way, nor is it funny gross like something you’d find in a Judy Blume novel. It’s even safe to watch at work, though you might want to keep the volume low.

But the real question for us is this: Even if you like this commercial, would it inspire you to actually go out and buy a box of Tampax? Let us know.