Meet the Creepy Swedish Twins Who Went Insane Together & Got Away with Murder

insane Swedish twins

Swedish twins Ursula and Sabina Eriksson became known in 2008 after the pair went on a spree of violence.

It all began when Ursula decided to travel from the U.S. to visit her sister Sabina in Ireland. Sabina lived in Ireland with her partner, but it isn’t quite clear as to why Ursula decided to visit.

Within a 24-hour period of connecting with each other, Sabina had stabbed a good Samaritan to death, smashed her head with a lump hammer, and threw herself in front of a 40-ton truck.

The two first caught the attention of the world after they both decided to run into a busy highway.

After Sabina was struck by the truck, she told officers, “We say in Sweden that an accident rarely comes alone. Usually at least one more follows – maybe two.”

She also exclaimed the following: “They’re going to steal your organs. I recognize you – I know you’re not real.”

After Sabina had sprinted out in front of traffic, Ursula decided to do the same. She ended with with a broken leg and other immobilizing injuries, yet also tried her best to fight off the cops.

Sabina was taken into custody and then released. Following her release, she murdered Glenn Hollinshead with a knife and then hurled herself off a 40-foot bridge. Wildly enough, she survived the plunge and is still alive today.

The entire episode remains a mystery to the world, as Sabina has never given a reason for her bizarre actions. Once she was taken into custody and charged for her actions, she was only given a five year sentence. She admitted in court that she did murder Hollinshead, but on the grounds of insanity.

The court found that the twins were sufferers of folie à deux, also known as Shared Psychotic Disorder. They found that Sabina was the “primary” sufferer and Ursula was the “secondary” sufferer.

The above documentary tells the story in detail. It is quite fascinating, yet entirely troubling.