Insane Video: Shirtless Man on PCP Gets Super-Human Strength Like You’ve Never Seen Before

An insane video shot from inside a McDonalds in Riverdale, Maryland has gone viral. Footage shows two cops struggle to take down a man who is high out of his mind on drugs. The man was allegedly on PCP at the time, and seems to exhibit super-human strength.

Despite using tasers, mace, and batons, the cops struggle to take him down and restrain him.

“I commend the officers for exercising extreme restraint,” David Morris, chief of the Riverdale Park Police Department, told WTOP.

The entire incident was filmed and reported by Ricky Martinez, who was a patron inside the McDonalds at the time of the incident. Martinez posted the unbelievable footage to YouTube, and explained the whole backstory that led to the man’s arrest.

According to Martinez, the man first drew attention by talking to himself and banging on tables. He became increasingly aggressive, and began punching tables and throwing chairs.

Employees of the restaurant called police, who quickly arrived along with an ambulance.

It took authorities almost seven minutes to finally subdue the man.

According to Martinez, the suspect was tasered three times, maced 4 times, and hit with a baton at least twice. He was then tackled.

According to Martinez:

“Throughout the whole incident, this man showed NO sign of giving up and was resisting arrested. It seemed clear after being tased for the first time that this man WAS ON DRUGS. Most likely PCP.”

The man was then placed in cuffs—including his legs—and was apparently made to wear some kind of muzzle. He was then transported via ambulance to a hospital for treatment.

There were no reported injuries to customers in the incident, despite the restaurant being particularly busy at the time and crowded with bystanders. However, the man in question can be seen bleeding as he is taken away.

Morris thanks Martinez for including a detailed description of the incident when he posted the footage, providing context to the viral video.