INSANE VIDEO: Truck Tries to Run Over Dirt Biker With GoPro

This video was originally published last year, but it’s started making the rounds again so we decided to republish the post.

The headline really says it all. A couple of dirt bikers were minding their own business, documenting their rides with GoPros mounted to their helmets, when they came across a man — not just any man, but a complete psychopath, judging from the video.

While the video doesn’t show if the dirt biker did anything to provoke the driver, but it’s safe to say it didn’t deserve this extreme a response. The unseen man behind the wheel chases the biker over the curbs and dividers of a mostly abandoned business park, apparently hell-bent on running him down.

It’s an absolutely insane, but the bikers take it all in stride, strangely enough, laughing incredulously at the whole thing.

There’s no word yet on if the driver of the car has been caught. Hopefully he is, because this seems to be ample evidence of attempted murder.

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