Have You Ever Seen What Goes on Inside the Peloton? It’s Intense!

Riding inside the peloton takes a whole lot of fitness and knowledge.

For anyone who isn’t an avid cyclist, a peloton (from French, meaning little platoon or ball) is compiled of the main group of riders during a race. In order to conserve their energy, cyclists ride extremely close (slipstreaming or drafting) to and/or behind other riders.

Using as little energy as possible, they are capable of dramatically reducing the drag. In some instances, a group can reduce drag as much as 40 percent.

Many riders are capable of breaking away from the peloton and sprinting into the lead, but one false move and everyone goes down.

This unreal footage takes you inside of a peloton during the final finish of the Tour de Suisse.

What an adrenaline rush!