WATCH: Craziest Sports Comeback You’ve Ever Seen

She’s dedicated, she’s quick, she’s fearless — she’s Heather Dorniden!

Dorniden’s passion and drive is clearly shown in this video from the women’s 600-meter at the Big 10 Indoor Championships back in 2008.

Her comeback is so awesome that the video has gone viral once again!

This could be considered one of the most inspiring sports videos of all time.

After her feet seem to get caught with just 200 meters left, Dorniden falls from first to fourth place, leaving the crowd thinking she has no chance of regaining the lead.

Then, Dorniden quickly hops back up, sprints the remaining 200 meters, and passes the three leading three runners.

This athelete is considered to be one of the most decorated female track stars in the NCAA. As a nine time All American track star, her time commitment and drive to becoming one of the most successful track athletes is unprecedented. 

Since graduating in 2009, Dorniden has taken on a career with the USA Minnesota women’s running team.