Inspiring Triple Amputee Cyclist Crushes All Odds to Achieve His Dreams

Two years ago, Moise Brutus was in an accident that could be described as horrifying at best.

The South Florida man was driving his motorcycle on an exit-ramp when he lost control and ended up in unconscious for an hour in a drainage ditch. Upon waking he found himself without an arm and leg, with his second leg in the shape of a pretzel. He was still in the ditch and didn’t end up in the hospital until later.

While for many people this would be a permanently disabling injury, the 24-year-old hasn’t let it stop him from living his life. The triple amputee enjoys competitive cycling as a way of life, training for 30 miles every day, and is due to travel to Colorado Springs to train for the US Paralympics before heading off to Indiana’s Marian University to study Management and Health Care Administration. He will continue to compete on the school’s cycling team, where he has already secured a spot for himself.

What an inspiration! Watch the news clip above to find out more about Brutus’ incredible story.