‘Instructions for a Bad Day’ Video Combines Tough Love and Compassion to Get You Out of Your Funk

Bad days happen.

You know that, we know that. And while we wish those¬†were a one-and-done type of experience, unfortunately bad days come around time and time again. But just because they’re inevitable, doesn’t necessarily mean we have to succumb to their pressure every time and let them slow us down, or worse, get us stuck in a place where we don’t want to be.

That’s why when we came across the powerful message in the inspirational video above, we just had to share. These are pieces of wisdom we’ve all heard once or twice (or a few hundred times) before, and then forgotten when faced with our demons. But by putting them all together in a way that flows, makes sense and delivers as powerful a punch as it does, this video stands out as one of the most unique motivational pieces we’ve watched in a long time.

So, check it out, share it, and think back on it the next time you’re just having one of those days.