Old Spice Muscle Music Video Is Insane and Amazing

This Old Spice muscle music video series came out a while ago, but it’s started making the rounds again so we thought we’d bring it back to your attention. (Besides, it’s crazy funny and amazing.)

Old Spice took its usually wacky ad campaign to a whole new level. In their “Muscle Music” ad, viewers got to be part of the action with funny man Terry Crews. Here’s how we wrote about it at the time:

Using your keyboard you can create your own percussive masterpiece, with the help of Crews’ amazing flexed muscles.

First watch the hilarious pre-recorded version and then wait for the interactive portion. Experiment with various keystrokes- Switch between light key taps and sustained holds, or try typing in your name and see what happens. If you’re especially musically challenged, you can start off with this cheat sheet, courtesy of Creativity-Online.

Sadly, it seems as though the audience participation portion has been deactivated — and since the campaign launched in 2012, that’s no surprise. But there are a couple more videos that feed through after you play this initial video, and they’re a wonderful waste of time. Besides, who doesn’t like watching a built man in small shorts flexing what he’s got?

But the big question: Was the Old Spice muscle music video real? CNN Money wrote this:

As for how the video was made, [Jason Bagley, a creative director who worked on the project at Wieden + Kennedy, is] keeping quiet. He said Crews was actually flexing and the electrodes were real, but he wouldn’t say whether Crews’ muscles played the instruments — highly unlikely — or the other way around.

Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews on Vimeo.