Which Country Has the Largest Breasts? Here Are 10 Interesting Maps to Teach You Something New

When you think of maps or statistics, these probably aren’t what you’d expect.

You might think of a horrible statistics class you took in college, or an indecipherable map you printed out off Google maps. You wouldn’t think of more interesting maps, like those involving bra sizes, penis measurements, and liquor consumption. Time to think again.

There are tons of surprising maps based on surprising statistics — statistics that it’s hard to believe anyone actually compiled and then scattered across the internet. However, one only has to be willing to look for those answers, and look we did. We’ve gathered up just a few of our favorites. Some prove stereotypes, some disprove stereotypes, some may blow your mind, some might challenge your perspective, some may make you giggle like a school girl.

But in any case, you’re likely to learn something you didn’t know before. Even if it’s just a fun fact like knowing that Venezuelan males should have no trouble pleasing a woman, or that Icelanders lose their virginity young.

There are many hours of research behind each of these maps, but one has to wonder how they compiled info on something like penis size, taking into account plenty of exaggeration.

So check out how your homeland ranks on IQ, alcohol consumption, and much more. Enjoy our top 10 weird maps in the slideshow above.