Internationally-Known Small-Town Fish Market Asks Customers to Share Where They’re Visiting from, Gathers Amazing Results

The charming, historic fishing village of Moss Landing, California, only has a population of about 204 people (as per the 2010 census).

Aside from it being just a quaint fishing village, the area also features several fresh seafood markets, antique shops, art studios, and delightfully decadent restaurants all within strolling distance of each other.

One of the most popular destinations in these parts is Phil’s Fish Market & Eatery, a small-town restaurant with international appeal.

Moss Landing Map

It’s supposedly one of the world’s best beach restaurants. At least, according to the BBC it is. Phil’s has also been featured on various Food Network shows, including Bobby and Jamie Dean’s Road Tasted.

At the entrance of this lovely establishment, you will notice a large world map on the wall that asks, “Where are you visiting from?” Below the map, there is a bowl of push pins encouraging you to mark your place of residence. When the map gets

Currently, the restaurant, which has been in business for 13 years, is on it’s fifth map.






If you live on the west coast, or happen to be just passing through, this fabulous restaurant is a short drive from Santa Cruz and the Monterey Pennisula. It would make a wonderful day trip from the Bay Area or San Jose, and even be the perfect way to wrap up a weekend excursion.

We’re ready to take the six-hour trip up north just to try some items off Phil’s menu, such as the famous Cioppino, some garlic bread, and plenty of ice-cold beer.


Image Credit: DonkeyLightning on Reddit