‘Interview with a Toddler’ Shows They’re So Much Smarter Than Us

If you have kids, love kids, or have seen them in action, you’ll know this very real fact: THEY OWN YOU!

That’s the truth revealed in a new video from La Guardia Cross. He’s a new dad who also makes music, art, videos and other creative things — but right now he’s mostly about being a dad, because his first baby is only a little over a year old.

While he acknowledges on his YouTube bio that his wife did most of the work when it came to making their beautiful baby girl, he also notes, “Like all new dads, I know exactly what I’m doing.” Uh huh…

“New Father Chronicles” (#NFChronicles if you want to follow along) is his weekly collection of videos showing the mistakes he’s made, so that we can all have a laugh and see just what it’s really like to raise a baby. But this week he mixed things up. The video? “Interview with a Toddler.” Here’s some background from the video page:

The very first interview I did with Amalah was at 6 weeks old. She’s a 1yr old now, 14 months to be exact. I had burning questions that needed to be answered, so I decided to open the new season of New Father Chronicles with another interview.

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Take a break from your day and enjoy.

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