This Intricate Swiss Toy is 200 Years Old and Still Works Perfectly Fine

We couldn’t get the toys we had as kids to last more than a year before they were broken down to smithereens or rendered useless in some other fashion, so you’ll understand why we’re absolutely blown away by this Swiss toy that’s still going strong two centuries later.

Youtube user Sahte Kimlik’s father shows how with a little bit of upkeep and a lot of love, this piece has been able to withstand the test of time. A far stretch from the mass produced, plastic toys we remember having as children, the play things from this time period were intricate, hand-engineered marvels, meant to be admired, cherished and cared for.

We can’t imagine giving today’s children anything like this for several reasons. The main one that come to mind: This old school toy’s function is relatively simple, with a bird chirping and swiveling from one side to the other. Kids today who claim apps and video games as their “toys” of choice wouldn’t get the beauty of it, get bored and ask for their iPads back. Which is fine by us because if we were to get our hands on this gorgeous piece, we doubt we’d want to share it with anyone, anyway.

Even if you’re not into antique toys, you should check out the old school toy in action above. It’s fascinating.