Introducing Karla Kardashian the ‘Other’ Kardashian Sister

It seems like everyone knows everything about the Kardashians these days. However did you know they have a long lost sister? Well, kind of. Ellen DeGeneres revealed her Halloween costume on an episode of her show, and she is the less famous reality star sister, Karla Kardashian.

Not only did Karla make an appearance on the talk show but she also showed all the family photos and promo videos which she was sadly cut out of. She came out on the stage in her full getup which consisted of Shape Up Sketchers a revealing animal print top and some major contouring of course.

The brunette beauty introduced herself by saying “I’m the lesser known Kardashian sister, my name is Karla Kardashian with a K, we’re known for our double K’s these are double Ks too by the way.”

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