Introducing the Beautiful Children of the ‘Mega Race’ – The Future of the World

Interracial relationships have quickly become the new norm as more and more people become accepting of others. Many are saying that in the future we will not have a bunch of different races but one giant mega race of beautiful mixed people.

In October 2013 National Geographic published an article called “The Changing Face of America.” In it, they describe how in 2000 the U.S. Census Bureau allowed people to check off more than one race on their ballots and 6.8 million people did so. In more recent years that statistic has risen tremendously, and more and more people are identifying as more than one race, contributing to the mega race.

The question is, what will this new race look like? Well it is easy to say that they are in fact very beautiful! The slideshow above shows a variety of different mixed children, giving you an inside look at the possibility of what the mega race may look like in the future.