Introducing the Game You Play by Peeing

German Entrepreneur Paul Sponagel has designed a brand new invention: the Pisspad. It’s meant to turn a boring old trip to the bathroom into an entertaining one.

The device is an interactive urinal sieve, where the user’s urine acts as joystick. An accompanying display comes in two forms – either a wall-mounted tablet or you can connect it via blue tooth to your smartphone. “You can imagine it a bit like a mouse,” says Sponagel. “That means it traces the position the urine squirts out onto the measuring grid. And then the position data is simply put onto a Bluetooth-connected device. And that’s it.”

The device’s app has all different kinds of games to play – from soccer to ping pong and even timed riddle solving. And if you really want company, you can play against someone – whether they’re at the stall next to you or in a urinal halfway around the world. Fortunately for everyone, it can all be done hands-free, in Wi-Fi friendly areas.

But, Sponagel admits, that if gamers try to perfect their technique – bathroom wait times could get lengthy. “I don’t know if people will have to wait because there’ll be a line-up,” Sponagel says. “Waiting always takes a while… We have measured time from seven seconds to two minutes twenty seconds, which means there’s a good spectrum of game time there.” Creators have kicked off a crowd-funding campaign and hope to raise enough funds for a product launch next March.