WATCH: Intruder Breaks Into Kris Jenner’s House – Family Member Says ‘It Was Really Scary’

A family member of Kris Jenner’s has confirmed that a man broke into her home while it was being decorated for Christmas. Apparently, he walked right in between 1:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. yesterday afternoon.

According to the Sheriffs who were involved with the case, they believe it was a security breach¬†due to construction that was going on at the home. The man was able to get into Kris Jenner’s office, and she happened to be there. When¬†Jenner saw the strange man enter her office, she quickly called the Sheriff’s Office, and her security quickly detained him.

A family member spoke to E! News and said, “It was really scary.”

The Sheriff’s Department says the man is from out of state.

Get the full story in the video report above.