Pranksters Invade People’s Personal Space at the Gym and It’s Hilarious

Ask anyone about their list of annoying things that happen at the gym, and people getting too close to them while they work out will most likely be high on the list.(Right next to people who play music on their iPhones without headphones so that everyone can hear. Or people who sit on equipment and don’t use it. Or people who don’t use a towel and leave sweat stains on the equipment. Or people who don’t their weight away… we could go on forever.)

The point, and how it relates to this video, is that no one likes having a heavy-breathing, sweaty person get too close to them while trying to get in a workout. Not only is it distracting, it’s also uncomfortable, confusing and can be pretty gross.

So when two people decided to prank gym-goers by doing exactly that, it made for amazing comedy fodder. Check out the “Invading Personal Space at the Gym” prank video above to see the innocent people’s responses and tell us if you’d react similarly.