‘Invisible Boyfriend’ App Convinces Family and Friends You’re Not Forever Alone

A new app promises to provide a convincing fake boyfriend—or girlfriend—to the perpetually single. The subscription service includes texts, calls, handwritten notes, and photos of your “significant other” to prove to pushy relatives that you’ve got a love life.

The Invisible Boyfriend app provides an automated story for how you met, but it can be customized to make the back-story something truly special. You get to pick his or her name, age, interest, and personality traits. The app even lets you select preferences for his physical appearance.

With the promise to deliver “believable social proof” of a significant other, the subscription includes 100 texts, 10 voicemails, and a handwritten note. The creator claims that communications feature real humans—not bots—so that responses are completely personalized and tailored.

A subscription costs $24.99 a month, but the creators of the app insist that it’s for more than just convincing others that you have a special person in your life. According to the company’s blog it also “creates a safe space for you to practice texting with a real human if you’re out of practice.”

Services are currently available in the U.S. and Canada—with plans to expand to more countries in the future.

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