iFAIL! First Person to Buy an iPhone 6 Immediately Drops It on Live TV

News cameras were lined up, photographer lights flashing, as the first person to buy an iPhone 6 in Perth, Australia exited the store… and then immediately dropped it during a TV interview.

Jack Cooksey had been waiting overnight to buy the new device — much like fans all over the world — and he was the first person through the doors of the Perth Apple Store on Hay Street when it opened. With phone in hand, he emerged from the store and spoke with Channel 9’s TODAY Perth show. The young man excitedly opened the box, and the phone slipped out of the case, landing with a heart-wrenching smack that sent an audible moan through the crowd (which was then quickly followed by jeering).

“I saw it hit the floor, and I was like ‘oh, no,no,no,no’,” Mr Cooksey told 9NEWS. “As soon as I knew I’d dropped it I thought someone was going to make a meme or something out of this but I didn’t expect it to go as big as it’s gone I mean, it’s in the UK now.”

Some reports said there were cracks on the phone and a few scuff marks due to the drop, but according to Cooksey’s tweet it is all okay. No word on whether or not he┬áhad AppleCare.

Watch it happen in the video above.